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Company Profile
Identified with quality and reliance in manufacturing of cryogenic tanks and pressurized containers.
Our Priorities
CRYOCAN, which determines its priority as quality and reliance, has all necessary certificates in terms of this issue.
Our Environmental Policy
Minimizing the contamination and the wastes and eliminating environmental effects of hazardous wastes in the slightest rate.



T9 Document and ADR Conformity Inspection Process

CRYOCAN has begun providing service as “VEHICLE AND UPPER STRUCTURE INSPECTION CENTER” with the purpose of ADR Conformity Evaluation of the Vehicles Carrying Hazardous Substances by the protocol signed between the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and Turkish Standards Institute

Our Certificates

CRYOCAN Introduction Film

CRYOCAN, identified with quality and reliability, which rapidly stays the course of being an international brand in manufacturing of cryogenic tanks and pressurized containers, is one of the affiliate companies of CAN GROUP, which started its activities in Antakya in 1976 and presents products and services for the energy market.

In manufacturing plants in İzmit Gebze, CRYOCAN, which manufactures in high standards and quality to meet the needs of world markets, successfully carries out special projects by its experienced and distinguished staff and achieves the condition of being one of the most prestigious manufacturers of the world

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